Game Design Help

My name is Reactorcore and I can assist you in any game design related challenges you may be facing. For free.

Over the years I've gathered lots of game design experience and knowledge. Lots of games are released each year. A lot of developers keep making the same mistakes in game design, resulting in games that I don't see worth playing. That sucks. I'd rather see games be worth playing. Worth existing. Useful to humans.

The whole reason I'm doing this for free, because I really want a good game. Most existing or upcoming games are either finite, limited-use throwaway products, while others have dangerous anti-human design. I would like to share my wealth of game design knowledge with you, allowing you, the developer, to avoid making the same mistakes that industry traditions keep encouraging you to repeat. And make the world a better place.

Its simple, you ask me a question via email and will I answer it. As many times you want.

There is a catch: I support sustainable, humane game design, so if you do not see other people as equal humans beings worth of respect, as part of a single global family and don't agree with the "don't do to others that you don't want to be done to you" logic, my help to you will be limited.

Get concrete answers

Here are some questions I can help with:

Why design is important

Design is the most important aspect when it comes to creating a project. In a project, execution is meaningless if the design is poor. Graphics, sound, code and writing, no matter how good, will have no meaning with a poor design.

Design is what brings consistency and meaning to a project, allowing the developer to create something spectacular that works fluently as a whole, while taking into account the philosophies, limitations, costs and the platforms involved, resulting in a product or service of high standard, and thus being more valuable. Design gives purpose, meaning to the project. Makes it worth doing.

The immense potential what can be done with game design is huge and so far, widely unused. Despite the amount of games currently available on the market, only a few barely even scratch the surface of the possibilities.

Infinite gameplay value, meaningful interactions, fun based on purely emergent gameplay, endless growth potential fueled by a community or procedural generation for creating new features and content, strong emotional moments that are not a scripted sequence and most importantly; The game itself is not a throwaway product, but a more like portal to another consistent universe which provides virtually endless entertainment, and as such, giving infinite value to its user.

All of these elements represent the big picture of what is possible. They can be used to enhance smaller game projects or used to build the ultimate game of your dreams.

I have the knowledge and experience to help you unlock this potential in your projects.

What I offer

I can summarize what I can offer with these points:

Young, fresh perspective

As a part of the new generation, I have a different view on the world and the games industry compared to those who came before, that much is obvious.

Thanks to growing up in a different environment, playing different games on different systems, I can provide a new perspective that you might not have thought of.

20+ years of gaming experience

I began playing video games at the early age of 4, consistently trying new games, playing on different platforms and different genres. Its something of a daily routine to me.

Additionally, I have a habit of analysing each game I play, trying to understand the reasons of why it was made the way it is and if its possible to make it better and how to do so.

What this means for you, is that I know how to take a game apart and give you a detailed explanation on what works, what doesn't and how to tangibly act on improving it.

10+ years of game development experience

I began as a modder, creating minor and major mods for my favorite games. The following image summarizes the most prominent mods I've created:

You can inquire for more information on these projects by either asking me via email.

Aside from these major projects, there are many more smaller and other experimental projects I've either created myself or participated in while helping someone else.

Next, I was hired as a Content Developer for creating official content for the game I made mods for initially. The game was Cortex Command and I had the fun of working with a team of half dozen people all over the world over the internet. This game is a commercial release.

Later, I graduated from a 3 year school programme on game development in Outokumpu, Finland. There I learned the creation of 3D content, 3D/2D animation, screenwriting, lighting, history of video gaming, use of game engines and scripting.

And finally, even to this day, I independently study all aspects of game development from creating art, coding, marketing, publishing and many more related topics. By now, I'm a walking encyclopedia on all things related to game development.

For you, the point of all this is that I know what game development is, both as a solo dev or working in a team, what limitations there are, what methods there are and how to build a project and publish it from A to Z. Been there, done that.

Knowledge on the industry's latest trends

I read the latest games industry news, follow interesting blogs, I have multiple feeds on facebook and email subscriptions through which I recieve and digest the latest information on where the industry is at.

I also play the latest games, both AAA and indie. When I play them, I like to study what makes them tick; the strengths, the weaknesses and the opportunities within them.

Being an observer with a vast amount of information, I can often foresee how a project will turn out before its even released by attending a beta, reading the creator's blog or watching their newsfeed.

Speaking of betas and alphas, I often participate in alpha/beta testings of indie games and provide direct feedback to the developers. My efforts in this have led me included in the credits of such games and some of my suggestions actually added to the game.

With this, you can use my guidance to make better design decisions for your project or find out what new opportunities are available to you as a developer for your projects.

A new business model, both profitable and non-compromising

You may have heard of either the Team Fortress 2 store or Unity's Asset Store. The idea is this: users are allowed to create new content into the game/platform and earn money on it by selling their creations to other users.

In other words, the idea is to monetize on people modding your game. They get to sell their stuff for your game, and in turn, you collect royalties of every purchase made.

This business model can allow for infinite growth of a video game by having users make quality content, which makes the longevity and the replayability of a game become virtually endless, while profits made on such a mutual benefit business model can be very lucrative.

Additionally, you do not sacrifice gameplay or rely on arbitrary mechanics like grinding, unlocks or achievements to make your game fun.

I can show you how to properly design this from a user's perspective.

A design technology to build boundless games

A design technology is best described as "a way of thinking" when creating something. There are certain guidelines that a designer follows by to produce a result the design technology is intending to encourage.

Boundless games are basically games that can be played forever, give real life growth and value to the player, give an opportunity to make a living on their favorite hobby by helping it grow endlessly bigger and something that provides alternative universe for the user to jump into to experience an adventure while playing as themselves. Minecraft is an example that managed to scratch the surface of this potential, but didn't go far enough. It did get bought off for 2 billion for the boundless game material it did have, but its only a fraction of what it could have achieved.

There is a methodical way to make boundless games. Its about structuring the games framework to allow the above features come about in the game naturally, using knowledge of human psychology as well as knowing the real cause and effect of game design traditions.

I want to share this design technology with you, in effort to create much greater games that go beyond of being simple throwaway toys. With this design technology, a boundless game can be immortal.

Privacy & NDAs

I will respect your wishes to keep anything you say or any material you give me to remain a secret. You can even remain anonymous if preferred, I don't mind that. The important part is that you're a game developer, or an aspiring one and you want to make a kickass game worth playing and spreading. Thats all that matters to me.

If you want me to sign an Non-Disclosure Agreement, I'm totally ok with that too.

Point here is, I'm here to help you with game design, not steal ideas or rip you off in any way. The purpose of this service is to guide developers to make better games that are of a high standard.