PSRC - Pixel Sprites ala Reactorcore

PSRC is a massive, constantly growing library of pixel sprites for game development use. Every image is handcrafted and specifically designed to perfection in terms of usability, flexibility and consistency. Scroll down to see all the packs and details!

Scroll down to get the free Starter Pack.

Features over 230 unique items both as templates and color versions, while both version as individual images and optimized atlases, ready to use. Everything needed to make a complete game is included. Completely free.

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Here are some benefits that were intentionally designed into these packs:

Each package includes


Available Packages:

These are ready to use right now. Click the image to download.

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Starter Pack (FREE):

FREE. Big pack to start with. Has plenty of items to make a complete game or a prototype.

Includes a human character, clothes, air/sea/land vehicles, trees, rocks, guns, melee weapons, light sources, prototyping shapes, helper grids, gameplay objects, seamless textures, decoration objects and more.

Download Link

In development:

These are not yet available for download. I still need to create a lot of new categories before I can release them, namely flora, clothes, armor, weapons, fruits, food, effect animations, tile system, seamless textures, signs, symbols, fonts, general background elements, vector-based macro objects and tech structures.

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Builder Hardware Pack:

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House Utilities Pack:

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Urban Maintenance Pack:

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Kitchen Gear Pack:

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Human Character Pack:

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Skeleton Character Pack:

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